Sunday, March 29, 2009

Relaxing Detour

Detour: Pujjis Wellness Retreat
So, I haven't gotten a chance to mention about my kayak adventure. I went kayaking 37 km on the Whanganui River a few weeks ago and aggravated my right hand injury to the point of having no muscle control/strength in most of my fingers. I quickly learned to do most things with my left hand. So Debbie, the woman I was Wwoof-ing for referred me to Arvind, a holistic doctor that she's had a lot of success with. He worked on my hand and arm for an hour and got it feeling a lot better in just one treatment! He asked me to do some photography for them in exchange for staying here for a bit. So, here I am, spending time in the sauna, relaxing, and planning image compositions for the shoot. It's been fun spending time here with Arvind, Rachel a co-Wwoofer from Australia and Cyndi, a woman originally from Youngstown, OH living in Luxembourg here on a two year travel adventure. The four of us have been hanging out, eating fresh food prepared by Rachel and getting to know one another. This place is very relaxing & spiritual.
Another reason for my longer detour in Nelson? I met a photographer at church on Sunday who invited me to go shooting with him at Abel Tasman in a few days. That's where I was heading next on the bus with Stray anyway, so it's all working out smooth. I can hop on the Stray bus in Abel Tasman later this week.

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  1. natalie,it is so wonderful reading about your trip .it sounds like you are having more and more fun .awesome pictures .thanks for sharing and keep writing .