Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 3, 2009

Kia Ora Koutou!  Greetings to all of you in the native Maori Language!
The beauty of this country started on the plane with offerings of Cadbury Hot Chocolate and fresh fruit at any time between meals.  
We touched down at around 9:30 pm Saturday night.  With no place planned to be, the unpredictability of my adventure adds to the mystery and romance I've had with this country for over a decade.  I feel like a kid who has just been dropped into their favorite superhero land with chocolate dripping from every tree.  
I enjoy the unpredictability of not having any plans but just a general route I'd like to cover while I'm here.  One never knows when one might come upon an amazing place or people to spend more time.  
I've been experiencing a tipsy feeling as if I'm on a boat ever since we landed in Mumbai.  It seemed to go away for the most part but then picked up again the beginning of the second week in Mumbai and it has been in full force since I landed in Auckland this week.  Drinking eight glasses of water a day doesn't seem to help, as I thought it was due to dehydration at first.  I'm hoping the tipsiness will dissipate again very soon.  Instead of fighting it, I've been trying to go with the current and just let myself sway.  
This blog is simply going to be my observations as a newcomer to New Zealand.  I'm excited to discover new things every day with a child like openness and naivety
I'm beginning to see this trip is for learning to love myself and simply enjoy the beauty of God's creation.  

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  1. Yeah! your time sounds magical. you are magic for your new friends there too, i'm sure. thanks for having this blog, i look forward to more entries. i love you.