Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm in the town of Christchurch now, still thankfully on the South Island. I have met over 12 women named Natalie while I've been traveling NZ. I just met another one from France two days ago in Invercargill and another one yesterday on the bus to Queenstown yesterday. I would have been keeping track along the way had I known it was such a phenomenon. Looking forward to exploring this city of gardens more tomorrow. And all the art and galleries here. I'm hoping to get away from the city again to do some more hiking.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Paradiso is Wanaka's cinema.  We ventured there twice during our five day stay.  Find a comfy couch and have a seat! 
This is the lounge area of the Purple Cow.  The best place to stay in Wanaka.  "Stormy" is their welcoming cat who spends a lot of time catching some rays on the front deck.

My hike to the top of Mt. Roy.  The sheep wanted me to tell you hello!

In the name of "Entertainment" for our Stray Bus Driver, Woody, he told us we had to get off the bus in order for him to safely drive the bus across it.  He said we exceeded the weight limit.  So we all obeyed and promptly got off the bus.  He laughed and waved at all of us as he drove past.  He was nice enough to wait for us on the other side.  Our trip has been filled with so-called "legend" stories and off the wall stories and practices of the Kiwi culture.  It's more for the bus drivers' sakes to save their sanity with all the driving and work they do year round for us backpackers.  Sweet as.